About Us

Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Institute (iBG-izmir) was created in 2014 as an “Application and Research Center” of Dokuz Eylül University. The iBG-izmir building has an approximate closed area of 22.250 m2 which comprises PI labs and office complexes, cell culture labs, equipment rooms for common use, a conference hall, two seminar rooms and meeting and coffee rooms. The Institute has core facilities some of which are still under construction. The vivarium (animal capacity of 20.000) is the largest core facility with 3500 m2 space in total. Other core facilities occupy 3100 m2 of space.

Izmir International Biomedicine and Genome Institute has “Genomics and Molecular Biotechnology” and “Biomedicine and Health Technologies” Departments. The Izmir International Biomedicine and Genome Institute offers the interdisciplinary and international graduate programs in ‘Molecular Biology and Genetics’ (MSc and Ph.D.). The institute allows our students to conduct research at the forefront of basic and translational research. The medium of education is English throughout.

Currently, the Institute has a total of 96 personnel and 81 students, including 30 PhD and 51 MSc students.

The breakdown of personnel is as follows:

Professor 29
Visiting Professor 3
Researcher holding a PhD degree (specialists & post-docs) 14
Research Specialist 6
Research Technician 9
Information and Communication Personnel 5
Administrative Personnel 14
Technical Personnel 5
Support Personnel 11
Total 96


iBG-izmir Organization Chart