Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Institute (iBG-izmir)

Dokuz Eylul University Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Institute (iBG-izmir) was established with the name “International Biomedicine and Genome Institute Project” within ¨Bioİzmir¨ Science and Technology Park, which is the result of the innovative partnership of Dokuz Eylul University Health Campus, Faculty of Medicine & University Hospital, and the Health Technology Park (DEPARK). The project was created as an innovative translational research center in 2003.

It was first funded by the revolving funds of Dokuz Eylul University and after the concept of a translational research center was presented to the Turkish State Planning Organization, it was officially agreed to be provided approximately with $58 million to complete a national biomedical research center on the health campus.

In September 2014, to become an international research center of excellence whose mission is to discover and advance knowledge for the benefit of society, public health, and economic prosperity, the project was approved and announced in the Official Gazette as Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Institute.

In the meantime, Dokuz Eylül University Senate approved the establishment of an institute (Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Institute) within the structure of the center and applied to the Council of Higher Education (YOK). Institute continues its educational activities with ‘Genome Sciences and Molecular Biotechnology’ and ‘Biomedicine and Health Technologies’ departments and has ‘Molecular Biology and Genetic’ Master and PhD programs since 09/03/2015.

iBG-izmir is the first regional hub, located in Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city and a critical locomotive for the growing Turkish economy, particularly within the health sector. This comprehensive regional hub will be multidisciplinary in approach and shall bring molecular biology, genetics, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, bioengineering, computer engineering, and many other fields together.

Professor Mehmet Ozturk is the director of iBG-izmir since September 2013.