Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide unique opportunities for talented, established, and young scientists for translating basic research into innovation, fostering the well-being of local and regional populations by producing therapeutic cells, affordable biosimilars, and vaccines while providing competitive training in the biomedical sciences to staff, students, and visitors worldwide.

The institute is focused on transformative research on major human diseases to combat global health issues within the following objectives:

  • Increase the well-being of humans by making an impactful contribution to accelerate scientific discoveries,
  • Generate solutions to common health and science-related global development challenges by creating novel approaches to the development of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines,
  • Establish innovative partnerships and conduct joint research activities with national and global stakeholders,
  • Provide innovative technologies, tools, and services for the prediction, prevention, and therapy of global health problems including cancer, obesity, infectious, neurological, and degenerative diseases.

Our Vision is to establish a very prominent center for health and life sciences in South-West Europe and MENA countries in a 10-year period through to the 100th anniversary of The Turkish Republic in 2023. iBG-izmir will be a discovery and innovation center which utilizes both human and financial resources more effectively, translates new scientific knowledge in life sciences into benefits for the health and well-being of society, and accelerates the national economy with scientific discoveries.