Electron Microscopy


Core Manager
Prof. Alper Bağrıyanık, MD
İzgi Üçer, MD, Pathologist

Our mission is to facilitate discovery and innovation by serving Dokuz Eylul University and its academic, industry and national laboratory partners through the support of and access to advanced instrumentation, training, expertise and analysis.

EM Core facility team is ready to assist you with your research, analytical and imaging needs. Our resources include:
• Correlative Microscopy: The Combination System of Electron and Confocal Microscopy (Shuttle & Find-Zeiss Sigma 500 Electron Microscopy + Zeiss LSM 880-Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy with Airyscan)
• Electron Microscopy (SEM+TEM-Zeiss Sigma 500)
• Sample Preparation (Quorum K850 for Critical point drying and Quorum Q150R S for Gold sputter coating)

The facility will become fully operational tentatively in the second quarter of 2016.