Core Manager
Ensari Güneli, DVM, PhD
Kasım Diril, PhD
Ralph Meuwissen, PhD
Güneş Özhan, PhD
Gülçin Çakan-Akdoğan, PhD
Kerem Esmen, DVM
Umur Keleş, DVM, MSc

Currently, we have one mouse facility and one zebrafish facility that is authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture for production and experimental use of animals. The vivarium at iBG-izmir is being established in accordance with the highest international and national animal welfare standards. Our vivarium will constitute distinct units that house various species including rodents and zebrafish and provide service to internal and external research groups. The vivarium team, which is composed of veterinarians, research scientists from a variety of disciplines and technicians specialized in laboratory animals, will supervise and coordinate the animal housing, breeding, transgenic animal production and experimental procedures.

The vivarium will open its doors in 2016 with an initial capacity of 1500 rodent cages (expandable to 5000) and 420 zebrafish tanks (expandable to 780). The facility is established on a 3400 m2 area. Currently, 230 individually ventilated mouse cages (IVC) and 60 zebrafish tanks are available in a temporary facility that includes breeding and quarantine rooms designed to house rodents in IVC and conventional cages. A fully equipped procedure room attached to the temporary facility is operational. The zebrafish unit is composed of a main house, a quarantine section, and an experimental manipulation room equipped with injection and imaging devices. The vivarium aims to provide the researchers with the tools to generate animal models for basic and translational research, including regenerative medicine, cancer, drug screening, metabolic diseases and artificial organ development. With its modern infrastructure, large capacity and motivated team, the vivarium of iBG-izmir is a candidate to become a central animal facility in Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean Region.