iBG-izmir considers “Research” as a prerequisite for “Innovation”. True innovations are made by skilled and creative people based on novel findings originating from basic and translational research. Research at iBG-izmir is expected to generate novel insights in life sciences and teach its students how to be creative. At this initial stage, we decided not to divide research into structured departments or topics. Each principal investigator (PI) will work on its own preferred topics with total independence. We also expect that the absence of structured topic organization will provide a flexible and dynamic environment so that strong research can flourish and tight collaborations can develop. Accordingly, a PI of iBG-izmir will be free in choosing its preferred research topics, but his/her performance will be periodically evaluated by the members of the International Scientific Advisory Board. The evaluation of the board will be the major criteria for success of research teams.

Currently, nearly 20 research teams are formed at iBGizmir, although many of them are in their initial phase as many PIs were recruited only recently. We expect that the number of research teams will grow to up to 30 in the coming years.

Currently, the research topics at iBG-izmir cover a wide range of different fields of life, medical and bioengineering sciences. Major topics are malignant transformation, development, differentiation, degeneration, regeneration, neurology, immunology, genomics and bioengineering. Different animal models, like drosophila, zebrafish and rodents, as well as patient-derived cell lines tissues are being used for iBG-izmir’s research.