Facility Manager
Prof. Ensari Güneli
Assoc.Prof. Ralph Meuwissen
Assoc.Prof. Güneş Özhan
Assist.Prof. Kasım Diril
Specialist Gülçin Çakan-Akdoğan, PhD.
Specialist Kerem Esmen, DVM
Specialist Umur Keleş, DVM

IBG-Vivarium provides researchers with animal models in basic and translational research in areas including, regenerative medicine, cancer, drug screening, metabolism diseases and artificial organ development in accordance with the highest international and local animal welfare standards.

IBG-Vivarium houses a zebra fish and an individually-ventilated-cage mouse unit. In the animal housing and husbandry, with the animal welfare and physiological needs being a priority, standard of isolation microenvironment conditions have been established for experimental procedures. In June 2015, a laboratory work permit for the production, use, and supply of lab animals have been obtained from The Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock of Turkey.

With its modern infrastructure, high animal capacity and competent staff, iBG-İzmir Vivarium aims to become a leader entity in laboratory animals in Turkey and the East Mediterranean Region.