Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing Facility


Şerif Şentürk, PhD
Çiğdem Özen, PhD Tuba Karaman, Pharmacist
Aybike Erdoğan, Molecular Biologist

We are currently building an 850 m2 biopharmaceutical (biosimilars and innovative products) production facility compliant with the European GMP regulations. We intend to provide consultancy and contract manufacturing services to the interested biotech or biopharma companies so that they will be able to use our facility to produce their biopharmaceuticals. In parallel, we will establish training programs for GMP production and bioprocess development for biotherapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

During the first phase, a pilot production facility with a 200L bioreactor capacity will be established. This will be eventually increased to 1000L total capacity. Our R&D facility will also be providing preclinical in vivo and in-vitro, pharmacokinetic, pharmacovigilance studies for biological products. Our long term aim is to lead the biopharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing industries in Turkey and provide support to other developing countries.