Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory


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Basically, all pharmaceuticals that are used for human health including chemically-synthesized pharmaceuticals and biotechnology-derived pharmaceuticals need to be tested for their toxicity as part of the risk assessment and approval process. The mission of the Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory is to establish a state-of-the-art facility where the safety of biopharmaceuticals can be tested. Our primary goal is to perform preclinical in-vivo toxicology tests that are described in recognized standards and recommended guidelines, including OECD, ICH, and EMEA. All preclinical toxicity tests will be conducted according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations.

The laboratory offers the following services:

  • Preclinical in-vivo toxicity studies for biopharmaceuticals: Single dose toxicity, Repeated dose toxicity (Subchronic / chronic toxicity), Local tolerance,
  • Available species: Mouse, Rat, Rabbit,
  • Clinical evaluation: Hematology Parameters, Clinical Chemistry, Gross Necropsy, Histology.